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Works like a charm
These have helped so much with potential air leaks, comfort and enhanced fit, especially when I'm laying on my side. Simple, clean solution!
Christopher Schell
Full Face
I have a sensitivity to the silicone on the cpap mask. I tried a sample first and worked great. Recently changed to a full face mask and order a supply immediately. Not only do the remzzzzs eliminate the sensitivity issue, but help with the air leaks I was experiencing with the full face mask. Great product!!!!
Mary Reilly
Nasal Liner 
Have always had an issue with sweat building up around the cushion and leaking of the seal. Talked to my healthcare provider and they sent me to your website. Signed up for the trial and have had the best nights sleep with no leaks. The nasal liners create a barrier so that the sweat doesn't affect the seal and leak. I would recommend these in a heart beat. Best money I've ever spent. I will continue to use them..... 
full face liners
A wonderful accessory to the full face mask. Three cheers to the inventor! Virtually eliminates leaks between the mask and ones face, and increases comfort in wearing the mask. I 've been using the liners for a couple of years, and have found no downsides. They're simple and very effective. 
paul breines
Very happy customer 
Since I began using remzzzs I no longer wake up in the night with air leaks and my mask is more comfortable. I will be recommending these to friends. 
Tara Sargent
Resmed Mask 
I have been using the product for about eight years and have been very satisfied. My skin was breaking out from the mask, so the liner has really solved that problem. A friend of mine that has a beard was having difficulties with his CPAP sealing, so I gave him a few liners. Now he says the mask seals much better. He uses them regularly as well. 
Full Face Liners 
I got the liners to help with irritating face lines, but the added bonus was they stopped leaking on the side of my mask, especially when turning or lying on my back. They are a great product but expensive at $30 per month though, so I will be looking for other alternatives 
Alice Paul
I didn't realize how much I like them. I really sleep better with them 
Resmed Full Face Liners 
Great product. Makes a world of difference in comfort around the mask. Try once, and you won't go to sleep without them. 
Now using every night and have great AHI results 
I have been using the Remzzz liners for 2 years. For most of the 2 years, I was using each liner multiple nights to save money. About 2 months ago, I started using a fresh liner every night. My AHI is now averaging 0.9 and i have had my first 2 nights of a 0.0 AHI after 3 years of CPAP use. Initial use of the liners reduced skin irritation and sores but using a fresh liner every night has eliminated skin problems at the point of contact. The amount of money that I could save in a year by using each liner multiple times turned out to be "too expensive". 
Mask liners 
Take it from an Internal Medicine physician (retired now; but what I used to tell my patients) using liners for a full face mask x 8 years: 1): acts like a gasket to prevent leaks: every interface needs a gasket (think plumbing, car engine...); every fitting has a gasket. Gaskets prevent leaks. Same thing with the mask. 2. Slumber: when winding down to go to sleep, nothing wakes one up quicker than putting cold plastic/rubber on one's face and "suddenly, I"m awake". Startled. The liner is like having a high-thread-count pillow case on the mask making it warm and comfy; just like first laying down your head swaddled into a comfy pillow. Love them. 
Brian Lengel
Love these liners 
These liners are awesome, reduces redness and irritation and allows unit to sit nicely against face and with reduced leakage 
I also found there is less need to really thighten down straps when using these liners 
My ONLY complaint is that only 2 headband liners are issued per a package. We need four at least 
Hoping more headliners can be added to the package 
Neil C
Made F-20 Airfit Grreat 
I purchase this product and hopes to stop the stabbing at the bridge of my nose. I've been on CPAP for over 70,000 hours never had a problem with the Silicon. The new have 20 for me put a third eye so after a couple of days a few Band-Aids and some pain, I ordered this product. Mind you I still have the third eye and the pain but with the use of this product and a Band-Aid for a couple more days everything has sent turned back to normal I had some minor air leaks at first learning how to place this correctly onto my mask. Once I figured it out about 3 days later my new machine Is Telling Me 0 air leakage I am sleeping better now than I have in years a wonderful product would I buy it again absolutely anybody with a facial bump scratch anything that can happen with the mask including air leaks two purchase this product. Is it a bit pricey yes but I think as more people learn about it the prices might drop hopefully as most things to do but overall a great product will buy again thank you rem zzz s 
Rick Reese
Respironics full face liners 
My son has facial irritation from the mask, although he continues to have irritation, the liners seem to have decreased some of the irritation. 
Couldn't do without RemZZZ nasal pillow liners! 
I'm a newbie to the CPAP world - only been doing it for a month. The first three weeks were touch and go WRT under the nose irritation and nasal pillow seal. But once my respiratory therapist alerted me to these liners, it's been smooth sailing ever since. Not only has my under the nose irritation been eliminated, but I get a perfect mask seal every night. I will admit to using a liner twice. before discarding.. maybe given the above review I should stick with the one use only rule. Nonetheless, these liners are super and I wouldn't do without them! 
Love them but need more forehead liners 
First, let me say that I would never be able to be compliant with my CPAP without these liners--I love them and am very thankful for this product. The only thing is, I would love for there to be more forehead sheets in the box, my forehead gets very greasy overnight (even with a good skin regiment), so I find myself reusing them long past when I should be or going nights without. But hey, most folks probably don't share the same problem as me. 
Scott Suchy
I have ordered your product for close to a year now and love it. It has made a world of differance for me in both leakage and total sleep. 
 Lee Ketchum
unable to use mask otherwise 
if it wasn't for the liners, I wouldn't be able to use the cpac mask. The face irritation would be unbearable. 
I have been using the Remzzzs for about three years love them. 
John Elliott
Full Face Liners 
Many nights I had to take my mask off because it got so hot wearing it. Liners have allowed me to loosen straps without causing annoying air leaks and I can sleep all night with mask on. Love this product. 
Greg Stout
They really help 
I really like the liner. My face doesn't get as hot as it id before using the liners. I am not reaching in my mask to scratch an itch. My only problem is the part on the bridge of the nose is too big and the ends sometimes end up in the corner of my eyes. 
Nasal Liner 
I was having trouble with getting my mask to fit properly. I was having sweat build up in my mask. My provider recommended this liner and it works perfectly. I highly recommend this product 
Adjusting to Full Face Lines 
As I have own start using the liners for several days some changes are notable. The sealing of the mask will last a good portion of the night. This more to sleep habits. As time goes on the irritation will be reduced to a comfortable night of uninterrupted sleep. 
Peter Gordon
Liners for AMARA MASK 
Great product, really does help to stop leaking mask 
 Jeffra Stallsmith
Sore Nose and Leakage 
I started c-pap treatment 4 months ago. My first month was miserable. I couldn't find a proper fit. The mask fit, but finding the right adjustment that didn't make my nose sore or leak and wake me up thru the night was just about impossible. Then I found RemZzzs. Since then, my nose has healed and I don't wake up from noisy leaks. RemZee's makes it easy to get a comfortable fit. And Thank You RemZzzs for having super fast order response. When I have 4 left and reorder, I always get your order before I run out. Thats great service. 
Great improvement 
I've been struggling with the fact that the mask does not fit properly and itches a lot. This has caused me to wake up at night and needing to remove the mask. After trying the RemZZZs this has improved dramatically. There has also been other benefits that the mask is cleaner. I am still struggling with fitting the mask properly, which I hope could be improved in the future. 
Erik Alexander Løkken
This simple, but inspired, product has made wearing my CPAP mask a lot more enjoyable. It has stopped the irritation that the silicon from the mask was causing. It has also gotten rid of the noisy leaks that happen when you move your head. 
This product is well worth the money. 
Grab Your box now!
Wishing you good sleep,
Bob Rutan
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The new liners are bigger which makes adjusting much better. Love them. Indispensable. 
Gary Foster
Easy to use and helps with more than just leaking 
The full face liners help a lot in leakage. It also helps having the indentations in my face when I get up in the morning. I'm so glad I bought them. 
Robert J. Vaites
Air Leakage 
Finally got the right size mask to fit my face. Leaking was a problem and this liner has really helped. I have to trim it to fit my mask better since without the trimming I have excess material poking me in my eyes which reduces my sleep time. Glad to find a solution to the air leaking. 
I love these! 
My mask fits so much better since I started using these and these are the only ones I buy because of it. I would really recommend them 
Michael Messuri
Mask Liners 
I've been using these for years. I've used them for different masks and they work on all of them. No rubber/plastic on my face. No leaks. 
Full Face AirFit F20 
I am so glad to have found this produce. It has truly helped me with all of my issues with my mask. I was fitted with several masks and all of them had some degree of issues. This product has resolved all the issues with my current mask and does help me to sleep much better at night. I encourage others to give it a try. Tx 
Could not live without them. 
They are essential to the efficacy of my mask. Been a customer for 8 years 
Gary Foster
Full face mask liners 
I use one every night and it provides a better seal and is more comfortable than just using the mask. 
Mike J
Great addition 
I have been using these liners for a year now ant they are a great addition to my full face mask. I have tried others, but the Remzzs are the most comfortable. Thank you 
Todd Witt
RemZzzs Liner K11-NM 
Have used the above liners for years, shortly after they came out. Would not be without them. The are comfortable, create a good seal and do not stick to my face like a naked cushion. Worth the money. 
Terry L. Schuetz
Resmed AirFit F10 large 
I do really love these liners as most of the time they stop mask leaks. They often stretch or move while I sleep. But they do a lot better than without a liner 
Colleen Derringer
Great Product 
Have been using these for several years now, great product at a great price
Randy Rose
Mask liners 
Only one I could find that fits my mask. Makes a big difference in fit and comfort. Thank you. 
Judy Bailey
Full Face Mask Liners 
I've been using the full face liners for quite a few years. They are great at increasing comfort and decreasing leakage. I would offer a few suggestions for a fifth star: decrease the price perhaps by allowing bulk packaging, increase the nasal and mouth opening and narrow the sides of the fabric to avoid eye contact. 
Mary Pat Finnegan
Full face liner 
I'm using this liner on the ResMed Mirage Quattro. I had initially ordered my first months supply from Amazon and went 1 size larger than the mask size ( recommended on a video I watched ) The large size liner worked okay on the medium mask but s few nights I had some discomfort with the liner irritating my eyes so I thought I would try the medium liner with my medium mask. Regardless, it is still much better than with no liner because it prevents irritation from the silicone on the mask. The medium liners I ordered directly from you are arriving today so I'll see how they work and will let you know. I've always been 100% compliant with my bipap therapy( 2 years now ) but these make it more comfortable and hardly any leaks which is great. The setting on my machine is high, 16/8 so leaks were always a problem. Now I'm able to loosen my straps for a more comfortable fit and experience only the odd leak every now and again. 
Regards, Gord. Ontario, Canada 
Gord N
CPAP liners 
Great service. Knowledgeable, helpful customer service. Saved in favorites for future orders. Thank. 
Vickey Page
Best Method to control Leaks 
I have used them for years. I have told my Dr. about them and friends. I have oily skin and they are great. I use them over until they need replaced even though they recommend to change daily. 
CPAP Equipment Providers Should Recommend & Provide CPAP Comfort Products!
I’ve used CPAP for thirteen years now and am very thankful. I understand and appreciate the health benefits and improved sleep. BUT…. simply “using” CPAP vs “uninterrupted maximum comfortable CPAP sleep” are very different things that I wish every CPAP equipment professional understood. A CPAP using friend recently recommended that I try RemZzzs. I did, and while I’m sure I would still use my CPAP without RemZzzs I DON’T EVER WANT TO AGAIN! Why? Because I’ve had small mask leaks at times and a painful bridge of my nose at times and RemZzzs eliminates both. Don’t let a CPAP equipment specialist who’s never used CPAP tell you that you don’t need this comfort adding product… and more importantly, don’t let the fact that they didn’t tell you about RemZzzs prevent you from trying and using them. I can successfully walk down a gravel road barefoot…. But why would I leave out the comfort of wearing shoes? It’s the same thing with RemZzzs.
Ron Scott, 
HoZer, Inc. 
Five Days Following
For the five days following my 'Treatment' night at the sleep study clinic I was in agony. The Bridge of my nose was bright red, swollen and extremely painful. I had to apply antibiotic ointment to it day and night. I couldn't touch it, it was a mess. I was scared as I knew I would be getting a CPAP at home, But I did not know how I would survive with what it did to my nose. When the tech delivered and setup my machine, I showed him what 1 night had done to my nose. It was still evident 9 days later. He said he had something at the office that would help and that he would get them to me asap. I wish I would have waited till the next day. But that night I used my machine/face mask as per doctors orders. when I woke up my nose was unbearable. I told my wife there was no way I could use the mask a 2nd night. That afternoon a package of RemZZZZ's arrived from my tech. considering how horrible the bridge of my nose felt I considered waiting for it to heal and then trying again with the mask and Remzzz, my wife convinced me to try night 2 with them and see if they helped any. Donning the mask it was immediately clear they the mask liners made it much more comfortable. Even with an infected nose I was able to wear my mask, something I could not have done without the liners. It has now been a week and my nose while not 100% is getting better each day and I have been able to average 7+ hours a night of treatment. Without your liners I would not have worn my mask at all. Thank you so much for solving this major issue for me. 
Scott XXXX, Somewhere in Michigan
RPSGT in Minneapolis
Hello, I am an RPSGT, and I was recently at the Minneapolis Sleep conference. I went to one of the mask suppliers and told them that I have tried various full face masks and have not been satisfied with any. They often leaked and when I pulled it tight enough to stop the annoying leak I would wake up with a bruise and lump on the bridge of my nose. They recommended a total face mask. I then stopped in at your booth and I was given liners for this mask and a few for the regular full face mask. I had more success with the total face mask but still would have deep crevices in my face that took hours to disappear. I then started using the liners. I was skeptical that a thin piece of cloth could make much of a difference. But I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't have to tighten the mask quite as much and I woke up even more refreshed and without the deep lines on my face. I had so much success with it that I decided to try the liners on the regular full face mask. I experienced the same result. I woke up much less often to adjust the mask, I woke up even more refreshed and did not have the deep lines on my face or the bruise on the bridge of my nose. 
I will certainly recommend the liners (already have) to my patients and co workers. 
Rob XXXX, RPSGT, Salt Lake City, UT 
No Longer Feel Older Than I Am
When I was first diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was always tired and slept whenever I was not at work or appointments. After my diagnosis, I was told that I needed to wear a full face mask while sleeping. I did diligently but every mask had a problem....some leaked, some hurt my eyes due to nightly air on them, some hurt my nose and one type even caused the bridge of my nose to bleed. Hybrid mask nose pads would fall out during the night. I was about to give up despite the fact that I suspected I would pay with heart problems later and still was so tired that, even after a night of sleeping with a mask, I would fall right back to sleep in the morning. At about that time my sister discovered remzzs ( her mask was leaking so much the noise would keep her awake), and she told me they were an unbelievable help. I called Bob at remzzzs and he was an amazingly caring person who helped find the right mask and sent some remzzs. They have been a medical gift for me. Now I am getting the correct therapy, with a remzz, my mask does not leak or hurt, and, working with an excellent doctor, I am not constantly tired. Remzzs have been important for me and along with the correct medication from my doctor, I no longer feel thirty years older than I am.
Dr. Andrew XXXX Seymour, CT. 
Literally a Lifesaver
RemZzzs Mask Liners have literally been a lifesaver for my husband and I. We both have Sleep Apnea and have tried many types and sizes of masks but could not find any that would completely stop the air leakage. The noise from the leakage was waking us up almost as much as not using our CPAP machines. I was complaining about the leakage during a discussion on Sleepguide.com. One of the members told me about RemZzzs mask liners. I ordered a sample pack right away. The first time we tried the liners, we were hooked. We both slept all night. Absolutely no leakage. We both whole heartily recommend the RemZzzs liners for anyone who uses a CPAP.
Dr. Steven & Mrs. XXXX Loveland, Colorado
No Pressure Sores
I am so pleased with the performance of my RemZzzs mask liners. At the beginning of my therapy I was fitted for several masks trying to find one that would not give me pressure sores at the sides and top of my nose. I was really convinced that the CPAP therapy would work, but I couldn’t seem to find the right mask. Finally I went online to see if I could find a way to eliminate the pressure sores and came across the RemZzzs site. I can now use a mask that had formerly left pressure sores on my face. My doctor is well pleased with the progress of my therapy. I have gone from experiencing 30+ apnea episodes per hour to zero and only a minor incidence of slower breathing. I would recommend RemZzzs to anyone experiencing a problem with their CPAP mask. In fact, it might save time and money if they were issued with the prescribed mask. Warmest regards,
S. XXXX (Sarasota, FL) 
Determined BiPap User
I am new to the use of Bipap equipment and am determined to make a success of it. I have gone through a number of trials of masks and have come to a Fisher and Paykel Flexifit 432 as the most successful so far. I am on high pressures and have had significant leak problems with all masks. Using Rmzzzs I have reduced the leakage to a minimal amount and experienced the best sleep so far. Without them I feel that no mask would be successful. I will need to use them in order to be successfully treated by the Bipap equipment. I have good insurance and would be significantly aided if the Remzzzs could be covered. Insurance does cover other products, such as a nose bridge cushion that just doesn't work for me. Remzzzs do work and I feel that they should be covered as well.
Jeff XXXX 
All Problems Disappeared
My husband has been using a CPAP mask for 5 years. Until we found out about RemZzzs he experienced skin breakdown, sores, ulcers, interruption to the use of the mask. At one point in time the dermatologist suspected a tumor on his skin and removed the growth. Once we stumbled on the mask liners all skin problems disappeared. This has allowed continuous use of the CPAP machine, essential for someone with emphysema who has already lost 60% lung capacity. The liners are, therefore, not simply a convenience but a necessary part of his breathing. Thank you for providing an opportunity to voice my gratitude for this little aid!
Sandra XXXX 
Grab Your box now!
Wishing you good sleep,
Bob Rutan
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Helpful "Cloths"
The Remzzzs "cloths" have been helpful to me with making a better seal and have fewer air leaks. Also, during warmer weather the feel of the mask agains the skin is improved. Getting adjusted to using the machine takes a while and I read about the product in an online group listing while I was searching for hints on how to get better breathing. They were recommended and I ordered the sample pack and Remzzzs also included a sample size for my previous mask as well. It started as a convenience and now is almost a necessity. They are actually a little lightweight cloth gasket! Thank you for providing these for us.
Stopped Noisy Flapping
I have been on CPAP since 2005. I consistently had difficulty going to sleep and being awakened by air leaks around my mask. This was true for both my nasal mask and full face mask. My brother-in-law mentioned your RemZzzs mask liners and how much they helped with his CPAP. I ordered a supply and was very happy with the results. The liner stopped the noisy flapping when I have an air leak from awakening me. In addition, it has greatly decreased the discomfort caused from the contact pressure of the mask on my face. I’m hopeful you will obtain an insurance billing code in the near future. Thanks for a great product,
Mike XXXX 
Can't Afford To Not Use Them
Hello, I have had to wear a C-pap for over 5 years now and about 2 years ago I noticed that my face was starting to get dry and break out at my forehead and nose area. I tried different kinds of face lotions and no make-up, but my face just kept getting worse. I never thought that it would be my C-Pap because of how long I had used it. My face kept getting worse, I checked the internet for answers, it wasn't eczema or anything else I could find. I got a bad sinus cold and couldn't wear my mask for about a week and my face started clearing up, so I called Oxygen Plus where I got my mask and asked if anyone else had this problem. They said that they hadn't, and I found it hard to believe that I was the only one. I couldn't go without my mask and I couldn't wear it either. So as bad as my face was getting I had to stop wearing my mask. I was not sleeping good and getting headaches, my husband was losing sleep and worrying about my restless sleep and snoring and the fact that I stop breathing all nite left him not sleeping, to make sure I was breathing! Then a man were I worked was talking about C-paps and I mentioned about how I was breaking out and he said he was on the internet and just got a glimpse at a thing called Remz-z-z-z. And told me I should check it out. When I got home I told my husband and he said lets look, so we did and there was the next best invention I had ever seen. I didn't know if it would work or not, but it was worth a try. The first nite was great and every nite after that is great. But I have to wash them gently and reuse them because I can't afford them and I can't afford not to use them.
Ella XXXX 
No Therapy Without RemZzzs
I use a full face mask and have trouble getting mask to fit correctly without air leakage. Also have problems with pressure points in nose and cheek bone areas. RemZzzs help me get a better fit with less air leakage. They also help prevent sore spots. I am much more compliant in using the therapy. It is very difficult for me to do the therapy without RemZzzs
Ronald XXXX 
Wear It or Die
I think remzzzs is a successful product. Remzzzs definitely help prevent air leakage as well as make the mask more comfortable to wear. I recommend this product because anything that makes my cpap mask more tolerable makes me happy. I've done nothing but fight and struggle with every style and type of mask since Oct. 2008. The remzzzs finally makes my mask wearable. I still hate wearing it though, but I have no choice, it's wear it or die. I'm glad someone invented this product." 
Steve XXXX
Telling My Story
When I first started to use Rem-Zees the pad stopped the red marks on my face and stopped the air leakage around my nose. Since using Rem-zees I sleep more soundly. Thanks for letting me tell my story.
James XXXX 
More Efficient Therapy
Before Remzzzs my mask left red marks on my face and above my nose. I also had numerous leaks making my therapy not as effective. I have to have them. They definitely add comfort and make my therapy more efficient.
Gary XXXX 
Highly Allergic to Silicone
Great Find 
After I started using my CPAP last year I found that I was highly allergic to silicone/latex. Neither my doctor or CPAP equipment suppliers had a solution for me. I spent many hours on the internet researching ways to solve my allergy problems. I found a product made by RemZzzs which consisted of a very soft and thin cloth that has an opening for the nose and protects the areas of the skin that comes in contact with Full or Nasal Masks. Mine is a nasal mask. I ordered a trial package and found it to work wonderfully, NO more allergic reactions. I guess a better way to describe this product would be that is acts as a comfortable gasket between the skin and the mask. I highly recommend this product. It was a great find for me.
Ernie XXXX 
No More Plastic Against Skin
I was having a great deal of difficulty with leaks with my ResMed Activa nasal mask. I had removed my mask in my sleep one night and scratched my cornea (diagnosed by my optometrist). The leaks were causing a similar feeling to my eyes as the corneal scratch. When I advised my sleep doctor, he said a patient had brought in some samples of the RemZzzs liners which, coincidentally, were for the Activa mask. I tried them and haven't had a problem with leakage since using them. And there isn't the feeling of plastic against my skin. It's a great product.
Mark XXXX 
100 X More Comfort
My biggest problem with getting used to cpap mask was leaking. when air leaked it would wake me up and I would rip off mask in middle of nite. The REMZZZS liners eliminated leaking, If I roll over at nite and do create a leak ,a light tug on mask and back to sleep. I think REMZZZS is a deffinate NECESSITY for me to keep using mask. It took me months to make it through the nite. My mask is definatley 100 times more comfortable with REMZZZS LINERS!!!! I HIGHLEY RECCOMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYBODY USING CPAP MASK.
Michael XXXX
Fixed Unmanageable Problems
Prior to using RemZzzs mask liners I had 2 unmanageable problems with my CPAP machine: 1. - air leaking that caused "dry eyes" that was very uncomfortable 2. - skin rash on either side of my nose where the mask came in contact with my face Ever since using the mask liners the 2 problems have stopped and allowed me to continue my CPAP therapy. I could not use the CPAP without the liners.
Best Thing Since CPAP
I have used a CPAP machine for 15 years. Over the years I have tried many masks. The best mask for me is the full face mask, however until I tried the full face mask with the REMzzz product I was unable to get a comfortable night's sleep. The mask leaked and "fluttered" whenever I moved or relaxed. The REMzzz product allows me to use a full face mask without the leakage and fluttering. This is the best thing to happen to assist my sleep since I first started using CPAP. Thank you for your product.
Robert XXXX 
Permanent User of RemZzzs
I am a permanent user of Remzzzs. When I got my CPAP mask over a year ago, I was pretty sure I was not going to be able to wear it all night, or sleep well with this THING over my nose and mouth. I'm a mouth breather so the nasal mask didn't work for me. The first night I tried it, I was SO happy. I slept all night, there were not those embarrassing red marks on my nose that wouldn't a go away for hours, and the mask stayed relatively free of leaks. I did not have that annoying wake up period at 3 AM, and got more rest than ever before. I am on Auto Mail now, and I anticipate that this will be permanent. Thanks for your invention.
Jean XXXX 
Cannot Sleep Without RemZzzs
I absolutely cannot sleep without RemZzzs. It has helped 100% with skin irritation from the cpap mask. I also like that I can use facial moisturizers. The cpap mask instructions say to cleanse face and do not use any lotions as the lotions can prevent a good seal of the mask. Using RemZzzs I can still still use lotions/moisturizers as it acts as a barrier between my skin and the mask. I get excellent leak rates now that I use RemZzzs also. As I said before, I cannot use my cpap without using RemZzzs. I've come to depend as an essential part of my cpap equipment.
Victoria XXXX Redondo Beach, CA 
RemZzzs Help With Seal
What problems have I experienced with my CPAP mask? The biggest problem is large leaks. During the night skin oils and moisture collect at the seals permitting air leaks. The REMZzzs wicks the moisture away and helps maintain the seal against my face. The REMZzzs improve the seal of the mask to my face and have resulted in less disturbance from vibratory type leaks which wake me up. I consider REMZzzs a necessity. That is why I purchase them.
Aaron XXXX 
100% Compliance
Prior to using RemZzzs mask liners, I had a lot of problems with skin irritation and air leakage. The sound of air leakage vibrating on my skin was enough to wake me up! Since using the RemZzzs liners, I have eliminated these problems allowing me to wear the CPAP mask comfortably. It has allowed me to use my mask with 100% compliance. I wouldn’t dream of wearing my mask without them now. The few times I’ve run out of RemZzzs liners I’ve not use the mask. Using the RemZzzs liners has gone from a comfort issue to one of necessity. Thanks for a Great Product
William XXXX 
Not Just a Convenience
My name is Joan and I have recently purchased a trial pack of the full face mask liners for my cpap. I have been having problems with my cpap for about a year and have tried everything from putting cotton on the plastic lining to laying with my face practically pressed into my pillow to keep the air leaks from waking both myself and husband up. I have only had the liners for a couple of weeks but have found them to be extremely beneficial. With the use of the liner I am no longer getting air leaks and am sleeping through the night. These liners will definately be part of my continued cpap therapy. These are not a conveninece they are a necessity!
Joan XXXX 
RemZzzs are a Necessity!
I was waking up quite often with the CPAP mask "burping" against my face. The noise also awakened my husband. There were areas on my face that were irritated by the mask and would remain red for several hours after waking. I am sleeping much better because there is no more "burping" noises...and so is my husband. There is rarely any redness on my face in the mornings and when there is it's usually because I've somehow managed to bury my face in my pillow. I am also noticing a lot less dryness on my face. I was very thankful a nurse from the sleep clinic sent home a sample to try. RemZzzs is a necessity! I think between my husband and I being awakened several times during the night before trying them, I wouldn't have been able to stick to the therapy.
Sandy XXXX 
Helping My Son Be Successful
Satisfied RemZzzz's user! Milnor, ND "My son has recently begun using a CPAP mask for severe sleep apnea. He had Down Syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis, so his skin is very sensitive. He uses a full face CPAP mask and was getting terrible marks on his forehead and cheeks. The skin was becoming so sensitive, that we had to discontinue the use of the mask until he healed. We then began using RemZzzs liners on both the mask and the forehead support piece. His skin on his cheeks has now adjusted to the mask thanks to the RemZzzs liner...Thank you, RemZzzs, for helping my son be successful with his essential CPAP mask!
Sharon XXXX
Thanks for a Great Night!
I have had problems with my mask not sealing for thirteen months. I have a full face medium mask. As soon as I do the regular washing maintenance the mask starts and continues to leak around 2:00 am every morning. Making noise as well as breaking the seal. I had talked toour supplier and they suggested a noise mask, a band to keep my mouth tied shut and kept replacing the mask every three months. A fellow employee found your product on the web and tried it. He was so delighted his wife wasn't wakened in the middle of the night he recommended it to me. I was not convienced so tried your trial package and was delighted. I am now on my second supply and get a great night sleep. The plus side is the mask gasket does not break down like it was and I have saved enough on the mask replacement to more than pay for three months of your product. I have given your product to two other people who swear they are also going to order. Thanks for a great night’s sleep.
Using My Mask Every Night
I have a VPAP machine with a full face mask, I have to wash my face when I go to bed and before I discovered Remzzzs I had to get up in the middle of the night to wash it again, my skin became oily and caused mask leaks, with Remzzzs I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night. I previously had to wear my mask so tight that the lines stayed on my face after the mask was removed for several hours, with Remzzzs I no longer have this issue. I wear my mask longer and it is more comfortable now which allows me to use it every night.
Reduction of Leakages
RemZzzs are a necessity for me. Sleeping all night long knowing that the mask is fitting properly therefore containing the air in the mask so that it can asssist me when I have an AHI gives me peace of mind. Additionally, prior to being diagnosed with sleep apnea I had a heart attack. Now, with a good nights rest I am healthier and there is significanly less stress on my heart. One also can review the results of air leakage on the CPAP machine before and after using RemZzzs to discover the reduction of leakages.
Charles XXXX 
Good For Beards
I had problems with irritation on the bridge of my nose and was developing a pressure sore. I also had leakage around my beard. Your product has eliminated both of these problems. I was ready to abandon CPAP before I tried your product and is truly a necessity for my CPAP usage
Richard XXXX 
No More Fighting Leaks
I have been on a CPAP machine for the last six years. Until I found RemZzz mask liners it was a fight every night with leaks plus having skin problems from the mask. Many times I would give up and take it off. Even knowing that with the serious problem that I have, I might never wake up. I would say RemZzzs have allowed me to stay with my CPAP therapy as now I can get a good night’s sleep without fighting leaks. And the skin on my face is once again smooth. I had been going to a Dermatolgist and using different kinds of ointments to treat skin problems, little did I know it was from my mask. I will not be without RemZzz and so thankful that now I can get a good, full nights sleep. I would consider RemZzzs a necessity for finally having success with my CPAP therapy!! Sincerely,
Norma XXXX
Nothing Works Better
I found my cpap mask very uncomfortable because it stuck to my skin and caused me to sweat. I was frequently waking up due to leaks also. The remzzzs made the mask so much more comfortable and I no longer have the problem. Before I began using Remzzzs I was about to give up using the cpap. Now the I am sleeping much better, have more energy and feel that overall my sleep apnea problem is under control. The Mask Liners have made the difference in my cpap compliance and I told my doctor that he should suggest them to his to all his patients. Without the Mask Liners I am not sure I could have tolerated the mask to continued my sleep apnea treatment." only email address given "Allergic reaction to the silicone mask was leaving burn marks on my nose and face; so bad that I would have to remove the mask. RemZzz between the silicone mask and my face has stopped the burning of my skin, now I can wear my mask all night long. Without the RemZzz's I would not be able to wear my mask on a daily basis, as it was too painful with the burns. I would definitely say that RemZzzs is a strong necessity for my CPAP not a convenience, as I have not found anything that works better then this product. Thank you for a great product!
Connie XXXX 
No More Blisters
Remzzzs... have been a lifesaver for me. I use to get blisters and red markings from my mask because of the pressure and my sensitivity to the materials the masks are made from. Without the Remzzzs, the masks were very painful. It was very frustrating to have to keep changing masks because of the pain and burning irritation they caused. I still have small scars from the blisters. Also, I don't always have time to wash my face before wearing the mask. The Remzzz creates a protective barrier. The other thing I like about Remzzzs is that it prevents or cuts down on the leaking and noise the leaks make, which were annoying for both me and my husband. It is expensive for me to buy them every month being on a fixed income, but they are a necessity for me. I'm sure there are a lot of people who need them, but can't afford to pay for them out right. It would be great if they could be covered completely or partially by insurance. People with sleep apnea need to be able to get an uninterrupted night's sleep; otherwise they are at risk for more serious medical conditions like stroke, depression, obesity, etc..
Fran XXXX Ann Arbor, Michigan 
RemZzzs Not Just A Convenience
My experience using RemZzzs: * Problems experienced with CPAP mask - Leakage (I have a beard). Face redness, chapping, soreness, face breaking out. * RemZzzs helped by - Basically eliminated leakage.and eliminated rash. With various creams, alone, before, I received no real relief and considered stopping CPAP use. With the RemZzzs, I can now consistently use my full face mask with only some minor redness each morning. This is a marked and very significant change in my appearance, as well as daily comfort. * Is RemZzzs a necessity for CPAP success, or just a convenience - This is an absolute necessity for me, which is why I have started the regular supply program. I consider this as important, if not more, as compared to regularly replacing the mask and cushion. Thank you.
Bruno XXXX, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology, Ann Arbor, MI 
Increased Intellectual Functioning
I could not use the CPAP mask because I always got skin irritation around the nose bridge, and an occasional skin infection. The seal was never adequate and air constantly leaked, waking up my wife and not providing the correct pressure to keep my airways open. When I started using RemZzzs I no longer have skin irritations or skin infections. The mask seals completely around my nose and mouth, and there is no air leakage. I wake up feeling much better, no more drowsiness during the day, nor headaches. I experience an increased alertness state and intellectual functioning. I would have stopped CPAP therapy were it not for RemZzzs. RemZzzs is a necessity for CPAP therapy and I recommend it to all my patients on OSA therapy.
No Straw-Stuffed Mattresses Here
To whom it may concern, Our/my local medical supplier recommended RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners when after a month I went back and was concerned about "leakage" around the edges of the mask keeping me awake, or waking me up. She recommended the liners and said she, so-far, she had nearly a 100% satisfaction with the product. Literally the first night I tried the liners was like comparing a "straw- stuffed" mattress with a "Memory-Foam" mattress. I was truly amazed. These liners should be a standard included with the mask. Sincerely, A very happy customer that is sleeping comfortably again,
Robert XXXX Manassas, Va.
Reduced Suffering
CPAP masks are terrible. I have tried many and none fit my face without either leaking horribly or leaving sores on my face (especially the bridge of my nose). Until better CPAP masks are designed, we sleep apnea sufferers need tools like RemZzzs to reduce our suffering enough to allow us to continue therapy. I have tried other products that have done nothing to help, but RemZzzs actually does both reduce the redness on my nose and increase the comfort of sleep significantly. Without it, I would either have a permanent sore on my nose bridge or would have to reduce or discontinue therapy.
Jeff XXXX 
Grab Your box now!
Wishing you good sleep,
Bob Rutan
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For My Wife
I am writing for my wife who has both Parkinson's Disease and Sleep Apnea. We have been using the mask liner from Remzzs for about two years. The liner has worked well to eliminate most leaks and has completely eliminated the red marks on her face. As a full time caregiver both of us sleep better thanks to the liner with fewer or no interruptions through the night. We will and have recommended it to others.
Eugene XXXX
Reduced Washing Significantly
CPAP masks don't fit everyone exactly. Particularly the full face mask which was prescribed for me about one year ago. Without RemZzzs it has to be washed frequently to avoid air leaks which can be noisy and wake you up even when the mask is adjusted frequently. RemZzzs provides a cushion that helps smooth the voids between the mask and my face and absorbs the perspiration and oils that otherwise allows the mask to slide and leek air. RemZzzs has made it a lot easier to sleep while using my CPAP equipment. RemZzzs not only has improved my sleep but also has reduced the maintenance (Washing) required significantly.
Leslie XXXX 
Keeps Mask In Place
I used to have problems with my CPAP mask. It irritated my skin, making it red and causing blemishes Also, it would slide on my face causing air leaks. I was just about to give up being compliant with my CPAP therapy when I discovered RemZzzs. Now I have no problems with using my CPAP each and every night. RemZzzs prevents my skin from becoming irritated and inflamed. It also keeps my mask in place, so it doesn't slide about causing leaks. I consider RemZzzs an absolute necessity for my CPAP success, and I would not be able to use my CPAP effectively without them.
Probably Saved My Life
I was having a nightmare trying to put on the Mirage quattro full face mask at night and getting it to seal. It usually took a half hour to get it right and even after all that if I bumped the mask while sleeping it would start leaking and I would have to start all over again reseating it. I exchanged the mask several times trying different sizes but nothing helped. I was getting desparate as my incident rate was 70+ per hour and I already had heart problems because of the apnea. Then someone suggested I try Remzzzs liners. At first I was very skeptical as I couldn’t believe something this simple would work. Well I ordered a pack of them and immediately my leak problems stopped. I now can sleep without leaks. What an awesome product. Probably saved my life.
Larry and Sandy XXXX 
Solution For Several Problems
RemZzzs CPAP mask liners....have been the solution for several problems that I have experienced with my masks over the past four years of using the CPAP. The problems of leaking, noise, skin irritation, discomfort, and frequent awakening due to ill- fitting masks were almost miraculously solved the first night of using one. Unfortunately, I ordered the medium size (I should have ordered small) and have to fold it to fit my mask, but that is a minor inconvenience compared to the comfort derived from solving all the other problems. My daughter is a respiratory therapist who works for a home health care and medical supply company is delighted to know that RemZzzs mask liners are available. She is in the process of trying to introduce her management to your product, so that they can have them available for their customers and patients who have the usual problems listed above. I will definitely continue to use the RemZzzs since they make all the difference in my sleep and comfort in using the CPAP. Good luck with your efforts to have RemZzzs covered by insurance and Medicare. That will make a difference in the affordability for many people.
Mary XXXX 
Physician w/ Severe Sleep Apnea
To Whom It May Concern: I am a physician who was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea three and a half years ago. Because I know the importance of treating this debilitating condition and the complications that can arise if not treated effectively, I have always been very compliant using my CPAP machine. However, getting comfortable with a mask has not been an easy task. I require a full face mask, and because I have very sensitive skin, I initially used the Hybrid mask with the nasal pillows. It worked okay, and it was better than the other full face masks available. However, my apnea got to the point where I needed a pressure which caused the Hybrid to leak, causing my CPAP treatment to be ineffective. I had to go to a full face mask that crossed the bridge of my nose. The experience was horrendous. The first time I tried a new mask, the bridge of my nose became so irritated that an infection set in. The infection grew extremely quickly, and within 24 hours I was in the hospital being treated with IV antibiotics. So I returned to the Hybrid with the nasal pillows until the infection had totally cleared. I was very reluctant to try a full face mask again, however the inefficacy of the Hybrid was clearly causing problems. Therefore, I decided to try the full face mask, putting a bandaid across the bridge of my nose. This worked for awhile, however having to pull a bandaid off of my nose every morning was getting irritating. I went to a couple of the CPAP boards, and found a reference to RemZzzs. So I ordered a trial set to see if they would work. My experience with CPAP masks completely changed the first night I used RemZzzs. I slept comfortably. The mask stayed on my face without slipping or leaking. I had finally found a product that I could use, and it has changed my nights from waking up to either leaking of the mask or the mask being uncomfortable, to sleeping all night without noticing that I even have a mask on my face. I am so please with RemZzzs that, not only have I signed up to have them delivered to me monthly (so I never have to go without for even one night), but also, I now recommend them to my sleep apnea patients who are having difficulty getting used to their mask because of the discomfort. I can honestly say that, had I not been a physician who understood the necessity of effective CPAP treatment, I may have stopped using my CPAP altogether prior to finding RemZzzs. They have definitely become a necessity in my life. I would highly recommend that they be allowed to be billed under insurance as a medical supply. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Very truly yours,
Brenda XXXX, M.D. Rangely, CO 
Life Saver!
Dear remzzzs, Two words... Life Saver! Prior to discovering remzzzs, I had to stop my cpap therapy due to not only the bridge of my nose becoming injured but accumulation of facial oils which caused painful boils or acne around the mask area. Also, It was difficult to get a excellent fit without a leak without having to strap it on so tight it felt like my head was going to explode. I lost so much sleep without my cpap as I was woken up constantly gasping for air. Is it a necessity or a convenience? Definitely a NECESSITY! With the remzzs, I do not have to tighten my full face mask not even half the way, and still not have a leak. I can even sleep on my side with no leak. The comfort is amazing. It’s like placing a pillow on my face rather than a brick. Additionally, The special fibers of the remzzzs absorbed my facial oils and eliminated the boils and acne. The bridge of my nose was no longer red, swollen or sore. I will never use my my cpap without remzzzs. The design and concept is simple but amazing! Don’t be fooled by those triangle shaped clothes when you get them in the mail. It’s not just a piece of Tee Shirt. I tried that, and it does not work! In my opinion, remzzzs is now a requirement. I sleep without waking, no leaks, no injuries on my face and overall is the best invention ever regarding CPAP therapy. Without them, I would suffer! Thanks remzzzs for saving my life! Regards- PS: I hope this e-mail will help you with your objectives. I would not have taken the time to respond if the product was not worth the benefits! I would proudly market it to any cpap user as I would not be selling a fad or scam but a true life saver! Feel free to call me or e-mail if you need any further information.
Sgt. George XXXX (Dayton, Texas) 
Love the Soft, Cool Cotton
I began cpap treatment a year ago and have tried at least 17 different masks in my efforts to make this therapy successful for me. I have had great difficulty with the silicone used in cpap masks as it irritates my skin. RemZzzzs has allowed me to use one of the few masks that seem to work for me, the Resmed Softgel nasal mask. I love the soft cool cotton of the RemZzzzs liner against my skin, protecting my face from the silicone. I have to say that using these liners has made it possible for me to continue with my cpap treatment. I really would be unable to use a nasal mask without the comfort and protection they provide.
Janice XXXX
Cannot Sleep Without Them
I have been using Remzzzs CPAP liners for two months now. I have used a CPAP machine for four years now and my wife always complained about the noise due to leaking air from my nasal mask. In January of this year I changed to a full face mask, and have gone through two different ones trying to find one that would seal on my face. I have settled on the Mirage Quatro. I have an oily face and had to get up every two hours to wash my face and my mask in an effort to get a decent seal. Once I tried Remzzs, I got a great seal and a full night's sleep the very first night, for the first time in as long as I can remember. I simply cannot sleep without them now. They are undoubtedly the best thing that I have found to enable me to get a full night's sleep. And also, my wife says she cannot believe how quiet my CPAP machine is now, and she can finally get a good night's rest. Thank you for developing them!
Michael XXXX 
Confirmed User
I am a confirmed user of the remzzzs for my CPAP mask. Before I discovered this simple solution, I was ready to give up on my sleep machine, even though it had proved to be a great help with my health and well being. With the high pressure prescribed by my doctor, I was awaking every 3 hours to reset the mask, as the leaks became unbearable. We tried different masks, but all reacted the same. Now that I am using the liner, I can sleep through the night, and the benefits to my overall sleep patterns have been maximized.
Bonnie XXXX 
Escaping Air Now Marshalled
I had tried two different CPAP machines and three different masks, and had basically given up on them. The straps left marks on my face each morning; the mask made the skin breakout around the bridge of my nose; and my wife complained about the noise from the air escaping around the mask. Even though I did sleep better, feel better and was more rested when using the CPAP, I simply stopped using it. Then I heard about Remzzzs and thought I'd give it a try. I haven't stopped using my CPAP since. First of all I don't have to have the straps as tight around my face and yet the air doesn't leak out. And I no longer experience the irritation around my nose. Thank you Remzzzs, this is a wonderful product and I now once again experience a restful sleep.
Larry XXXX 
Very Satisfied Yahoo User
I feel it is a necessity. I took this information to my doctor's office to share with him and hopefully he shares it with his CPAP patients. If I didn't get this information on cpapusers@yahoo.com, I would never have known about your wonderful product. A very satisfied user.
Sandra XXXX
RemZzzs Saved Her Face
I have been using Remzzz's for two months. I have been using CPAP therapy for four years and about a year and a half ago, began having skin irritation in the area of where my mask rested. My doctor prescribed a topical steroid to use for the rash I was getting. The steroid worked great for a year and a half, until I started having to use it 3 times a day because the rash kept getting worse. My doctor told me I was using the steroid cream way too much and instructed me to stop using it. My face looked like it had been burned with an iron and I broke out with a horrible rash consisting of redness, swelling, and itchy fluid-filled blisters. My doctor diagnosed me with perioral dermatitis and after a bolus of prednisone and using a topical antibiotic that did nothing, I ended up having to see a dermatologist and am now taking a systemic antibiotic along with a topical antibiotic lotion. I discovered Remzzz liners right when I started breaking out with the rash after stopping the topical steroid cream. I ordered the sample pack and received it within 3 days, thank God! My case of sleep apnea is unfortunately a very severe case. During my sleep study, I stopped breathing 57 times in an hour. I don't have the option of choosing to use CPAP therapy, I have to use it. Remzzz liners saved my face! I honestly don't know what my face would have looked like without using them. I reordered two months' worth of the liners and will be placing a new order soon. It would be outstanding if we could get insurance companies to cover the cost of these liners, or even partial coverage of them. For those of us who don't have a choice of using CPAP therapy, these liners are truly a lifesaver!
Julie XXXX Colchester, VT 
More Stroked 
Than Gouged
Hello, I am 62 years old and am unusual among CPAP users in that I am very thin. My nose is Also long and thin. Because of this I can only fit one sort of mask, the Hans-Rudolph. All others leak or don't fit the nose. I need quite a high pressure, ( up to 14) so the mask has to be pulled tight. But the edge of the mask is very thin and digs into my face leaving a deep groove in the morning, and often making the bags under my eyes fill with fluid, so I look very odd. It is also very uncomfortable. Without REMZzzs I wake every 10 to 20 minutes in discomfort from the mask and CPAP is therefore not effective. With the REMZzzs it is much more comfortable, it is more like I am stroked by the mask than gouged. With it sometimes I even sleep throughout the night, which I have not been able to do for many years. In the morning I don't have fluid bags and my wife does not say, "your face looks awful". The REMZzzs is essential. It has made a the difference between a partially successful treatment and a successful treatment. It is needed and it would be appropriate for it to be insured.
Jonathan XXXX (Physician) 
No More Strange Drowning
Before RemZzzs, I tried several CPAP masks and was unable to find one that allowed me sleep through the night. The full-face masks leak air, resulting in lots of strange noises which disturb my sleep. They also make a painful sore spot on the bridge of my nose. So I tried a nasal mask, but I found that if I opened my mouth at all, it would cause a strange drowning sensation, waking me from my sleep. I would always wake up after just 1-2 hours of sleep. So, I tried a nasal pillows mask, but it was very uncomfortable. When I found out about RemZzzs, I ordered a trial set. The first night, I was able to sleep the whole night with no disruptions. They really turned around my sleep apnea therapy. I consider them to be a vital part of my treatment. ~Robert Lyons RemZzzs have helped me greatly, solved me problem with air leaks, stopped the skin irritation on my nose, and increased my wearing time from 2-3 hours per night, to 7-8 hours with no discomfort. Thanks for a great product.
Grab Your box now!
Wishing you good sleep,
Bob Rutan
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Floored But Elated
When I found out I had Obstructive Sleep Apnea, I was floored. I had been working for a sleep doctor for 2 years and was sure I did not have it. I only took that test to see what the patients went through so I could better explain the test to them. So to say the least I was not too excited to wear the "annoying contraption" on my face. I went through 4 or 5 different masks until I found one that almost worked. I could fall asleep fine with it on but after an hour or 2, it started leaking and gradually leaked so much it woke me up. Then it was impossible to get it to seal again. Then one day this man came to our office to show us a new invention he had that was supposed to help with the sealing of the masks and prevent some of the lines it left on my face because by that time I was wearing it so tight that I would get a headache by morning. I tried a sample and for the first time I actually slept through the night without waking up. I was elated and have worn the liners since. I also was able to wear the straps looser and stopped having headaches. Now I recommend the REMzzzs liners to all my patients that are having problems with sealing and those that have to wear the mask so tight that it causes discomfort. Thank you, Bob, for persevering to help others.
Patricia XXXX 
Still On The Hose
I had a lot of difficulty with facial marks where my CPAP mask came into contact with my skin. At first, it just looked like a spray of pimples across the bridge of my nose, but evolved into enormous open sores all around my nose. I found RemZzzs on-line and sent for the trial package immediately. To my great relief, use of RemZzzs allowed the sores on my face to heal while still using my CPAP mask. It also improves my mask seal, decreases my leak rate and makes CPAP therapy more comfortable for me. I don't think I'd still be on the hose if I hadn't discovered a way to keep the mask from contacting my skin. Thank you, RemZzzs!
Victoria XXXX 
The Wife Of A CPAP User
I am the wife of a CPAP user, and I would like to give my input. My husband wears a full face mask, and the noise from the leaking mask was so loud and disruptive that I couldn't sleep well anymore! After 2 years of earplugs and pulling the covers over my head to try to block out the noise, I finally moved into the spare bedroom just so that I could get some sleep. He wasn't happy about that, but I really needed to get some rest. After he started using the Remzzs, though, the noise was so greatly diminished that I was able to move back into our bedroom, and we are both sleeping much better than we have in years. Thank you for your great, marriage saving product,
Cindy XXXX 
6 Masks For 7 Months
In the first 7 months of using my CPAP machine I tried 6 masks. Some caused my teeth to move because of the pressure on the gums and the roots of my teeth, others interfered with breathing, and others allowed too much air to escape. . Finally I settled on the Quattro and another mask style. But neither produced a good seal. The result was air blowing my eyelashes and even blowing my eyelids open. Sometimes the air blew my hair and tickled my face. Other times the air escaped, making the sound of air slowly squeezed from a balloon, waking me up repeatedly throughout the night. Other times the air escaped with more force, producing a loud flatulent eruption that would delight a 10 year old boy and his friends. Sometimes the air escaped and blew across my face, making a sound that was impossible to sleep through. That all was bad enough, but the mask would shift if I moved slightly, making changing positions another wake up process and required readjusting the mask, hoping it would stay in place and praying it would finally make a good seal. And, whether it fit well or not, I always had deep grooves and marks on my face for the entire morning, making sure everyone knew I slept with a muzzle on my face. With grave doubts and strong reservations I ordered samples of RemZzzs for both masks, relying on their customer satisfaction guarantee. WOW! They worked! My mask doesn't shift, air doesn't escape, and I can just put on my mask and go to sleep. Quietly. All night. It doesn't shift. No more dry eyes from my eyelids blowing open. No more deep marks on my face. Best of all, no flatulent blasts. RemZzzs are ESSENTIAL. Without them I would not have continued to use my CPAP. I could not have.tolerated the repeated awakenings from the noises, the eyelids blowing open, and the mask shifting. I use my CPAP consistently, every night, and when I get the rare chance to have a nap. RemZzzs should be part of the CPAP mask equipment for those who need it. I believe there would be a huge improvement in the compliance with CPAP usage if masks fit properly. The machine itself is quiet. A leaky fitting mask is an outrage.
Terry XXXX, RN, LMP 
Categorical Necessity
I have had tremendous problems with my CPAP mask in the past. I suffered from leakage and ended up tightening the head gear to compensate. This resulted in large “burn” marks on my face that took days to go away and were only made worse night after night. Some nights I didn’t use the mask to help the marks heal which only resulted in lack of sleep and the dangers of sleep apnea. When I discovered RemZzzs on the web I gave it a try through their sample program. I was amazed how the liners not only kept me from getting sore facial burns but they also helped with the leakage problem. I am now using them every night and I have a better sleep and actually dream again. I would categorize the RenZzzs CPAP liner as a necessity now. I cannot go back to the old way. They should be sold with the CPAP machine and headgear.
Dan XXXX San Jose, CA 
Thx For A Good Product
I just wanted to say what a great product you have with the CPAP Mask liners, and it would be helpful, for my husband a senior citizen, if it was covered by Medicare. With this economy it would help us out a lot. Just wanted to say thank you for a good product, it solved the problem of leaks, and has helped him continue to use the CPAP mask, without issues of skin irritation. Best Regards,
Angie (for James XXXX) 
OMG, Wonderful
I received your package yesterday and had a chance to try out Remzzz's last night! OMG they are WONDERFUL!!!! I had the first decent nights sleep in I can't remember how long! 
Thank you SO much for sending those to me, I can't believe such a simple thing can bring so much Relief! 
I have an appointment with my Doctor next week and I will be taking a package of these with me to discuss with him. I know that most of the people who work in the respiratory area are only technicians, so I am going to speak to him about trying to get these on the "purchasing" list for that clinic. I'm sure that once they hear from some of those people that are now suffering as I have been, how wonderful these are, he will be inclined to have a purchasing agent contact you immediately! Again THANK YOU!!
Will Be Using Forever
My name is Vicki, I work for (one of the largest medical supply companies). I am a cpap user and have had for years no luck with masks, and I try them all. Yet I faithfully use my cpap machine and (various) masks every night. Being on cpap has changed my life, and (recently) one of my patients turned me on to RemZzzs. I have had the best sleep in the last week I have ever had in 7 years! I am a believer and how it works is incredible, yet so simple. I did not think I was sweating, but for some reason the leaks would come and a frustrating night ensued. I will be using this product forever. 
Thank you.
Vicki – Best sleep in 7 years with RemZzzs
Made My Face Better
I hope you get this ok. I just want to thank you for sending those face mask shields. …they are great. They were not made for my mask but I do turn them sideways and stretch them to fit. No more burning face skin, and no more red lumps, and itchy skin. Don’t know how to send hugs to your company and you. but thank you, thank you, so very much. Any chance the company is going to make them for my Hybrid universal full face CPAP mask? If not, I need to order…as I cannot sleep without them now. Thank you again for making my sleep better and my face better.
Virginia – Cannot sleep without RemZzzs
The Fruit of Extensive Searching
I wish I could tell EVERYONE about RemZzzs and what they have done for my husband. CPAP is so trying, and they have made a TREMENDOUSDIFFERENCE!! I just happened to stumble on them way back when, and tried a sample….been ordering ever since. I’m a medical transcriptionist and saw a link somewhere in one of my extensive searches and ordered them then. What a blessing!
Kat – Searching for RemZzzs
He Never Says This
Dear Sir, I never send comments to companies regarding products, so this is a first. As a 16 year C-pap user, I have always fought with air leaks. I just happen to purchase your product on line out of pure curiosity. What a miracle product!!! No air leaks and 10X the comfort. Finally someone got it right. You have winner and I wish you great success.
Tom – CPAP veteran who loves RemZzzs
Burt Would Be Proud
After I started using my CPAP last year I found that I was highly allergic to silicone/latex. Neither my doctor or CPAP equipment suppliers had a solution for me. I spent many hours on the internet researching ways to solve my allergy problems. I found a product made by RemZzzs which consisted of a very soft and thin cloth that has an opening for the nose and protects the areas of the skin that comes in contact with Full or Nasal Masks. Mine is a nasal mask. I ordered a trial package and found it to work wonderfully, NO more allergic reactions. I guess a better way to describe this product would be that is acts as a comfortable gasket between the skin and the mask. I highly recommend this product. It was a great find for me.
Ernie – Finally found a solution with RemZzzs
You Are Right In Saying That I Love The RemZzzs
You are absolutely right that I love the Remzzzs :-) 
And you’ll probably be surprised to learn that your outreach is actually even much further than you thought! I am living in West Africa where I am working…and I have decided to order a larger amount this time, to be on the safe side. I have read about Remzzzs in an English CPAP-forum (can’t remember which one, was from the UK) and decided to order a sample, which convinced me from the first night. Anyways, thanks for your feedback and thanks for your fine product. My best wishes.
Chris – International customer of RemZzzs
I absolutely LOVED your sample pack and was instantly sold on its effectiveness… I didn’t really believe it would make such a difference and was amazed when I used my trial one. Even my partner said there was a noticeable difference in the “noise” of the machine. I instantly slept better than I had in months. I was about to give up on my CPAP and this was a last-ditch effort. I was intrigued because the inventor’s story was almost identical to mine – waking up in a panic and tearing off my mask in the middle of the night. Because I have apnea classified as severe, not using a CPAP is a big deal so I am SUPER grateful for this discovery… I can’t even use my CPAP machine any more without these things… GODLOVE the man who invented them!!!
Nina – Can’t live without RemZzzs
And Also With You
Just a note to say thank you for your product. I have bought 3 masks to use with my c-pap machine, but cannot wear them… all that money down the drain. The leaks awakened me approximately every 15-30 minutes to adjust. Your product has allowed me to actually sleep a full night without waking to adjust for air leaks. Bless you for this simple idea!
Annette – Finally a good night’s sleep with RemZzzs
Eureka Jean
I’m a member of XXXX (A CPAP Forum) and I believe I saw the ad there. I really think you’ve got something huge! If you read the comments from all the folks on there, there’s a ton of them, like me, who can’t stop their masks from leaking and making enough noise to wake up the spouses. I tried one of the samples last night, and was delighted…it was SOOOOO comfortable, soft and quiet, and did not leak AT ALL! 
Eureka ! You’re a genius! Thanks a bunch.
Jean – Learned about RemZzzs™ on a Forum 
Dreaming Dan
After using CPAP for about five years I suddenly got what appeared to be burn marks on each side of my nose from the rubber on the mask…I then did a search on several CPAP forums about marks from the mask. Someone had tried your product and there was a link to your website. I tried the sample pack and was amazed at the comfort, and oh my goodness, the sleep was amazing! I must have been leaking all this time. I really do dream again. I gave one of my liners to a friend new to CPAP, and he loved it…I think he may have placed his order this week. Thank you again, and I will continue to tell people about this wonderful product and your excellent customer service.
Dan – Dreaming again with RemZzzs
Doctor Has Never Seen This
Hi, I have one of the most severe cases of sleep apnea my doctor has ever seen. 
I have ordered from you a few times now – your liners have helped me so much. I had several blisters on my face and under my eyes before I found your company. Please know how much I appreciate your hard work and creativity. Your company is so wonderful and your liners are a GODSEND!!!
Sandra – A happy customer using RemZzzs
Ed Is Not A Cutter
I read about your product on the internet and made one out of an old t-shirt till yours came, but it’s great to have it pre-cut and throw away each morning…(I know people say they wash them or reuse them, but I can’t be bothered). For the first time since I’ve had a CPAP mask, I’ve found myself sleeping throughout the whole night without waking up for leaks, and my face was reacting to the silicone…that has gone away too. I couldn’t be happier…nice job..I wish you and your company all the best.
Ed – Doesn’t want to be a “cutter”; loves RemZzzs
Kelli's 1st Time
I have been using a CPAP for about 3 months. When I used my normal skin care products before bedtime, I would have problems with leakage around my mask. It was very frustrating. Thus I chose to stop using lotions for my adult acne and Rosacea at bedtime in order to get a good night’s sleep. So needless to say, I was rested, but I was having breakouts, pimples, Rosacea flare ups. The pimples on my chin and around my mouth were the worst. I also had red marks on my nose from the mask. I happened to find your product on line and I got a sample. I am hooked!! Solved more than just the skin issues. It also decreases the noise level and feels great on your face. I can use lotions, creams, etc. on my face and get a great seal around my mask. Wonderful product…I have already ordered more.
Kelli – 1st time using RemZzzs
5 Stars For You
I am severely allergic to Latex and my mask causes burn marks on my face and blisters on my nose. I was searching the internet and came across RemZzzs™, so I ordered a Sample pack as my last resort. I used my first RemZzzs™ last night, and my face thanks you for it! RemZzzs™ is wonderful and my nose isn’t sore… It’s like wearing a soft T-shirt. I wish someone had turned me on to these from the start, it sure would have saved my nose the pain and eliminated all the frustration. This is one awesome product for folks with skin allergies, as well as preventing air leaks. Thank you again for a wonderful product… You get 5 stars.
No Marks, No Leaks, RemZzzs Are Great
I have been meaning to write you about how your product has worked for me… Using my mask was difficult. There were leaks that I couldn’t control and red marks around my nose that just wouldn’t go away. Then I bought RemZzzs™. No more problems! Now my mask fits great! No leaks! No marks on my face! RemZzzs™ is great!
Jean – 1 week w/ RemZzzs
Rather Than Plastic
Being new to sleep apnea and CPAP I didn’t know what to expect. The first week I got my (Brand Name) mask, it would leak air during the night around the nose and mouth. I checked the internet and found Remzzzs™ and got a sample. The week wait to get them was hell! THEN, the first night I used one, I didn’t wake up from the leaking air. The other night I slept 7 hours straight for the first time in years! OK, CPAP therapy is not the greatest, BUT, Remzzzs™ makes the mask easy to wear. I like the soft feel it gives against my face rather than that “plastic” feel. By the way, I have checked my CPAP machine and found my leaks have been considerably reduced.
Charles – 2 weeks w/ RemZzzs
No Arguing
I was convinced that I would never be able to use my machine regularly… Repeatedly during the night, I woke up from all sorts of leaks, and the red marks on the bridge of my nose were so severe that the skin quickly broke down and became infected. My last-ditch effort was to find an on-line support group (which I quickly found). I was astonished to read how many people had exactly the same problem and noted RemZzzs™ as a good potential solution. Immediately, I found your website and ordered the sample pack. The first night with RemZzzs™ made me a convert! I have just finished my first month with RemZzzs™ and even though I still have a full month’s supply, I have just placed an order for another 2-month supply. I plan to order ahead in that manner to be sure that I always have an adequate supply on hand! Thanks for your great product. I’ll admit to some initial skepticism, but I can’t argue with success!
Mark – 1 month w/ RemZzzs
Plastic Pillow vs Soft Pillow Case
I love REMzzzs! I'm an MD and was at the San Antonio Sleep 2010 conference. It was a privilege to talk to the inventor...He kindly gave me samples and I absolutely love them.... I tell my patients it's the difference between "laying on a pillow with a soft pillow case vs. laying on a plastic pillow with no pillow case at all.
Brian – MD, V.A. Hospital 
Guinea Pig Who Loves Them
This works like a gasket that prevents leaks…I was his guinea pig. I’ve been using it for 6 months and I love it.
Dr. Satya Chaparala – Sleep Doctor, (Michigan) 
Works For XXXX Sleep Center
I work for XXXX Sleep Center and at our last A.W.A.K.E meeting, we were introduced to the RemZzzs™ by the owner. He gave our labs samples and we have had a great response to them by our patients. Its nice to be able to give a patient who has had numerous issues with the mask…or use it in the lab with the patients who’s leak we can’t control no matter what we do or what mask we try.
Mandy – RPSGT 
Embattled Patients, Brilliant Revolution
RemZzzs™ is brilliant. Our patients have been battling these side effects for decades; It’s so simple, I can’t believe someone hasn’t come up with this sooner! I believe RemZzzs™ will revolutionize our industry.
Jon – RPSGT, Virginia Mason Hospital (Seattle, WA) 
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Wishing you good sleep,
Bob Rutan
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