Instructions For Use
Find Out How To Wear Your RemZzzs
Intended Use: RemZzzs® specialty dressing/pad should be used as a skin barrier with a Positive Air Pressure (PAP) medical device, including but not limited to all respiratory and CPAP masks, for the treatment of at-risk patients and those exhibiting stage 1 or 2 pressure ulcers on the face.
1. Place RemZzzs® directly on top of silicone mask cushion. When applicable fold rectangular forehead liner and place on mask forehead piece.
2. Lean down toward mask, placing nose into lower half of liner's hole. For full face masks, RemZzzs® may partially cover mouth at this stage of fitting.
3. Press face against RemZzzs® while returning head to a normal upright position. Attach headgear and adjust to a comfortable fit. Note: Step 4 is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure proper fit, keeping the liner in place and preventing skin contact with mask during sleep. 
4. Finally, pull firmly on protruding edges of RemZzzs® liner to stretch hole around nose and mouth (or nose for nasal mask) for a custom fit. This should result in a minimum of 1/2 to 3/4 inch extra liner on outside of mask. Note: Stretching is very important for optimum performance. Extra liner will curl away from face.
Full Face Mask Liner
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