The Invention That
Completely Fixed My Wife's
Leaking, Burping, Face Rash
CPAP Problems
And Has Since Helped Tens Of Thousands Of People –
Usually The Very First Night!
    I'll never forget the time when my wife was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

    The very first night she tried to sleep with her new CPAP machine and ripped it off her face after only a few hours.

    Sound familiar?

    Not only that, but the squealing and burping noises coming from her mask sounded like a party clown had sneaked into our room in the middle of the night.

    That first night turned my initial excitement over finding a cure for my wife's sleep apnea into a nightmare.

    For many years previous I had heard my wife stop breathing in the night, and this terrified me.

    When she went to the doctor they were astonished that someone so small could stop breathing over 80 times an hour!

    That first night scared me so much that I just knew I needed to do something to fix this situation.

      I Needed to Find an Answer . . .
      Right Away.
      It was truly gut-wrenching, seeing my wife struggle to breath...

      I feared that she wouldn’t be able to go to work in the daytime. She would come home and just go to bed and I was concerned for what would happen to her.

      I was afraid she would lose her job.

      So I went to the doctor and asked "Where's the thing that will stop this leaking?"

      And he said “We don’t have anything for that…”

      I said, “You don’t have anything? Well I’m going to fix that…”

      And he said “If you do you’ll be a very wealthy man…”

      I said “I just want my wife to live because you told me that she would have a stroke if she didn’t wear this mask.”
        The doctor said there weren't any answers to my wife's problems with her CPAP machine
        If I've learned anything about doctors, it's that even though they are great at diagnosing problems and helping with what knowledge they have, sometimes they can get so stuck in their thought process that they can't see a solution even if it's staring right at them.

        I was astonished to hear that everyone basically had to just live with this problem of squealing, burping and rashes on the face.

        And the biggest problem of all...

        Not Getting Therapy...

        Because this leaves you open to things like heart disease, stroke and a whole host of problems.

        How could this be the answer to such a dangerous health problem?....

          But I wasn't going to be talked out of it...
          So I went home and literally prayed for two weeks and asked God to help me.

          And I was feeling pretty insignificant because it’s a big industry and you’d have thought that somebody would have already thought of this.

          And so one night when she was crying, we didn’t know what to do, because it was very stressful, I went to my drawer and I pulled out my t-shirt and created the invention that has changed our lives and the lives of thousands.
            And I showed it to my wife and she said
            “that’s never going to work…!!!”
            And I said “I think it will, I think it’s an incredible idea from God..."

            She just kept saying “it’s not going to work… and she went back to bed…"

            But I persisted and kept telling her that she needed to try it.

            So the next night she tried it...

            Fast forward seven and half hours later...

            I woke up and realized that my wife had not moved all night!

            I thought she had died in bed!

            I ran around the side of the bed and checked and there was air coming out of the machine. Phew!

            I couldn’t believe she was still breathing and was so still because she had been up most nights…
              Then, That's When I Knew I Was On To
              Something Big!
              And I shook her firmly and she said “What’s wrong, I was in my REM sleep... I was actually
              dreaming in living color."
              I shouldn’t have woke her up because I looked like Brad Pitt in her dreams. 🤔

              When she woke up, she felt like a million dollars that day.

              And for about 3 weeks we used the new invention, and we couldn’t believe the difference in her life and mine!

                So We Headed Back To The Doctor And
                He Was Shocked
                After that first 3 weeks of using the new invention, we went back to the sleep doctor for a checkup.

                When we got there he said, "So Debbie how are you doing?"

                And she said “I’m doing fantastic! Bob fixed it!”

                And he looked at me and said “Bob what did you do?”

                And I said, “I’m not talking about it, I’m getting a patent on this idea.”
                  The Lawyer Told Us It Was a Terrible Idea
                  So that began my journey in this industry to get a patent on the idea of a CPAP mask liner.

                  I went to an attorney and he looked at me and said “that’s the dumbest thing I”ve ever seen…I wouldn’t put any more money into that…”

                  But we went ahead anyway and my wife wrote the first patent for the product herself.

                  She didn't have any experience with patents, but she did some research online and figured out enough that we got the initial stages done.

                  Later we were able to have another attorney fill out the patent more completely, but it was a great start!
                    RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners Were Born
                    After that we started calling our invention RemZzzs CPAP mask liners.

                    As we went forward there were many pitfalls to get this product on the international market.

                    What turned out from that was an incredible help for my wife. My wife has been using them for 11 years, and I use them myself.

                      Grab Your box now!
                      Wishing you good sleep,
                      Bob Rutan
                      P.S. : We are so happy to offer you our product that we are offering a special deal here that you won't see anywhere else.
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                      People Think That CPAP Masks Are Ineffective
                      I've heard so many stories of people throwing their CPAP mask on the floor in the middle of the night.

                      And where does the machine end up the next day?

                      In the closet...

                      I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they've got a whole arsenal of equipment in their closet, but they aren't using any of it.

                        CPAP Equipment That Sits in the Closet
                        Is NOT Going To Help You
                        Part of my mission is to help people get that equipment back out of their closet or from under their bed and help them use it to the fullest potential.

                        Because equipment that isn't used isn't doing anything for your health.

                        You've taken the first steps of going to the doctor and getting your sleep study.

                        That was the hardest part!

                        You probably thought that wearing the equipment was much harder, but that was before you discovered RemZzzs!
                          Now That You've Found RemZzzs, You Will Start Getting the Benefits Of Therapy...Right Away!
                          We 've done some research in the area of comfort as related to first using CPAP equipment.

                          It turns out that you are much less likely to use your equipment if you fail to get comfortable within the FIRST WEEK of therapy.

                          So that's where RemZzzs comes in.

                          If you get comfortable from the beginning, you're much more likely to stay on your therapy and reap the incredible health benefits of treating your sleep apnea!

                            So, here are the five things that prevent you from getting comfortable:
                            You may have more of these issues than just five:

                            1.   Burping noises from mask seal
                            2.   Squealing sounds as air leaks from mask
                            3.    Red rash or lines on face in the morning
                            4.    Lines on forehead from mask gear rubbing on skin
                            5.    Breakdown of the skin on the bridge of nose (This is a BIG deal)

                              That’s Why RemZzzs Helps In Multiple Ways
                              In the past, the only advice given to CPAP therapy patients was to "tighten your headgear".

                              Or they would say "You need to understand how to properly fit your mask..."

                              And you would need to keep going in to the doctor's office or your medical supply store to have a Respiratory Therapist show you how to fit the mask.

                              If that didn't work they would say "Wash your mask every night and wash your face as well..."

                              But that would leave your face so dry you'd think you're about to break into pieces.

                              And nobody seemed to have a good solution to these problems.

                              Just adjusting and more adjusting, and more mask churning...

                              As if another mask model is the answer to these problems!
                                You Wouldn't Wear Plastic Underwear
                                The CPAP mask industry seems stuck in a rut with their current design practices.

                                Practically every mask out there is made of silicone.

                                Now, silicone is a very GOOD material for lots of reasons. It just doesn't excel at holding an air seal when put against sweaty, oily skin.

                                It's really NOT that complicated.

                                The reasons for this are the same reasons why you don't wear silicone underwear. Or have silicone pillow cases or t-shirts.

                                Nothing against silicone, it holds up fairly well, it's pliable so that it can mold to the contours of a face, but it lacks the ability to deal with the realities of skin contact.

                                And in reality, skin is a living, breathing organ. It's not a static object that works well with a non-absorbing material.
                                  RemZzzs to the rescue!!!

                                  It was for all the reasons above that we decided to have a special blend of natural cotton fibers created just for us.

                                  RemZzzs are all-natural, and best of all, they absorb the perspiration and oil that naturally occurs on your skin as you sleep.

                                  Not only that, but there is another added bonus to using RemZzzs natural fiber liners.

                                  You may have been told in the past by your Respiratory Therapist (or whoever fitted your mask), that you need to scrub your face every night and you can't use any kind of moisturizer.

                                  With RemZzzs, nothing could be further from the truth!

                                  Once you slip a RemZzzs liner on your mask, feel free to use any moisturizer you want and keep a more relaxed routine with your face.

                                  Of course we recommend washing your face as needed, but it's not a necessity anymore for a good seal.

                                  In fact, the use of moisturizers can sometimes help make a better seal with RemZzzs!
                                  "I absolutely cannot sleep without RemZzzs. It has helped 100% with skin irritation from the cpap mask. I also like that I can use facial moisturizers. The cpap mask instructions say to cleanse face and do not use any lotions as the lotions can prevent a good seal of the mask. Using RemZzzs I can still still use lotions/moisturizers as it acts as a barrier between my skin and the mask. I get excellent leak rates now that I use RemZzzs also. As I said before, I cannot use my cpap without using RemZzzs. I've come to depend as an essential part of my cpap equipment."

                                  Victoria, Redondo Beach, CA
                                  "What problems have I experienced with my CPAP mask? The biggest problem is large leaks. During the night skin oils and moisture collect at the seals permitting air leaks. The REMZzzs wicks the moisture away and helps maintain the seal against my face. The REMZzzs improve the seal of the mask to my face and have resulted in less disturbance from vibratory type leaks which wake me up. I consider REMZzzs a necessity. That is why I purchase them."

                                  Aaron ****
                                  So, here are 3 SECRETS to finally getting a good night of sleep with CPAP and RemZzzs:
                                    Secret #1: Stop Washing Your Mask So Often
                                    Ok, you'll still need to wash your mask. You just don't need to wash it quite so often with RemZzzs.
                                    Secret #2: Use Moisturizers
                                    Yep, that's right. Contrary to what you've probably been told, you CAN use moisturizers with RemZzzs liners.
                                    Secret #3: Loosen Your Headgear
                                    With RemZzzs you won't need your headgear so tight. Go ahead, loosen up and get some sleep!
                                    But, You're Probably Wondering How This
                                    Will Work For You?
                                    If you're anything like me, you tend to think that you're the exception.

                                    Oh sure, this might work for all those thousands of people, but you don't know my situation!

                                    Right about now you might be thinking... My setup is different, or my face doesn't line up right, or I've tried everything in existence.

                                    But I want to encourage you that thousands upon thousands of people in 13 countries have tried RemZzzs and found incredible results!

                                    You're probably not as different as you think...

                                    Don't get me wrong. You are an amazing, one-of-a-kind human being!

                                    But when it comes to your CPAP setup, there are very few situations where RemZzzs truly cannot help you get a better seal, less rash marks, a lot less noise, and that's just the beginning!

                                    Think about what life will be like when you're back to your full potential!

                                    You've got so many unique things to offer, don't let your CPAP setup take another night away from you and those around you.

                                    Don't wait another day, get started with RemZzzs. The world NEEDS YOU!

                                    "RemZzzs Mask Liners have literally been a lifesaver for my husband and I. We both have Sleep Apnea and have tried many types and sizes of masks but could not find any that would completely stop the air leakage. The noise from the leakage was waking us up almost as much as not using our CPAP machines. I was complaining about the leakage during a discussion on One of the members told me about RemZzzs mask liners. I ordered a sample pack right away. The first time we tried the liners, we were hooked. We both slept all night. Absolutely no leakage. We both whole heartily recommend the RemZzzs liners for anyone who uses a CPAP."

                                    Dr. Steven & Mrs. XXXX Loveland, Colorado
                                    "My husband has been using a CPAP mask for 5 years. Until we found out about RemZzzs he experienced skin breakdown, sores, ulcers, interruption to the use of the mask. At one point in time the dermatologist suspected a tumor on his skin and removed the growth. Once we stumbled on the mask liners all skin problems disappeared. This has allowed continuous use of the CPAP machine, essential for someone with emphysema who has already lost 60% lung capacity. The liners are, therefore, not simply a convenience but a necessary part of his breathing. Thank you for providing an opportunity to voice my gratitude for this little aid!"

                                    Sandra *****
                                    We Believe You Will Be 100% Satisfied
                                    I get it, you want to make sure this is not just another thing that you'll buy and then throw under the bathroom sink.

                                    Remember, we are CPAP users just like you, and that means we are absolutely committed to your success. I invented this product for my wife, but a few years later found out that I have sleep apnea as well.

                                    So, just like the iconic commercial on TV, I'm not only the president, I'm also a client.

                                    Not only that, but a handful of our staff and other members of our team are CPAP users and daily users of RemZzzs as well.

                                    We fully stand behind this product because it means the world to us too.

                                    I invented this product to help my wife, but now it's become a huge part of the lives of other family members, friends, relatives and thousands of people across the world.

                                    And if that still doesn't convince you, take a look at the testimonials at the end of this page.

                                    "My biggest problem with getting used to cpap mask was leaking. when air leaked it would wake me up and I would rip off mask in middle of nite. The REMZZZS liners eliminated leaking, If I roll over at nite and do create a leak ,a light tug on mask and back to sleep. I think REMZZZS is a deffinate NECESSITY for me to keep using mask. It took me months to make it through the nite. My mask is definatley 100 times more comfortable with REMZZZS LINERS!!!! I HIGHLEY RECCOMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYBODY USING CPAP MASK."

                                    Michael ****
                                    "I am a permanent user of Remzzzs. When I got my CPAP mask over a year ago, I was pretty sure I was not going to be able to wear it all night, or sleep well with this THING over my nose and mouth. I'm a mouth breather so the nasal mask didn't work for me. The first night I tried it, I was SO happy. I slept all night, there were not those embarrassing red marks on my nose that wouldn't a go away for hours, and the mask stayed relatively free of leaks. I did not have that annoying wake up period at 3 AM, and got more rest than ever before. I am on Auto Mail now, and I anticipate that this will be permanent. Thanks for your invention."

                                    Jean ****
                                    Let's Talk About Cost... As In, 
                                    How Much?
                                    Let's be honest, the cost of CPAP equipment is expensive.

                                    In many cases, if you have to pay out of pocket, the machine itself runs over $1000.

                                    And then there are the hose replacements, new masks every 90 days, distilled water for your reservoir, hose management tools, CPAP pillows for head and neck comfort, trips to and from the DME to get fitted for another mask or to have your machine serviced...

                                    The list goes on and on...

                                    It's hard to truly put a cost on comfort, but the loss of sleep and the danger that puts on your ability to keep a job and provide for your family, or to continue operating at your highest potential - These Are Priceless

                                    But I'm sure you'd be relieved to know that RemZzzs won't cost you even a fraction of the above.

                                    For us RemZzzs is more of a life mission to help the world get better sleep with their CPAP therapy.

                                    In fact, many people don't realize this, but we've been on the market ten years and we've only raised our prices ONCE!

                                    During this time we've seen the price of raw cotton and other goods continue to skyrocket, but we've maintained our pricing model so that we can continue to help others get the sleep they need and deserve.

                                    "My name is Joan and I have recently purchased a trial pack of the full face mask liners for my cpap. I have been having problems with my cpap for about a year and have tried everything from putting cotton on the plastic lining to laying with my face practically pressed into my pillow to keep the air leaks from waking both myself and husband up. I have only had the liners for a couple of weeks but have found them to be extremely beneficial. With the use of the liner I am no longer getting air leaks and am sleeping through the night. These liners will definately be part of my continued cpap therapy. These are not a conveninece they are a necessity!"

                                    Joan XXXX
                                    "I have been on a CPAP machine for the last six years. Until I found RemZzz mask liners it was a fight every night with leaks plus having skin problems from the mask. Many times I would give up and take it off. Even knowing that with the serious problem that I have, I might never wake up. I would say RemZzzs have allowed me to stay with my CPAP therapy as now I can get a good night’s sleep without fighting leaks. And the skin on my face is once again smooth. I had been going to a Dermatolgist and using different kinds of ointments to treat skin problems, little did I know it was from my mask. I will not be without RemZzz and so thankful that now I can get a good, full nights sleep. I would consider RemZzzs a necessity for finally having success with my CPAP therapy!! Sincerely,"

                                    Norma ****
                                    Imagine Tonight, In Less Than A Couple Minutes Prep, You And Your Significant Other Will Be Dreaming Again!
                                    Step 1:
                                    Open the package, grab a RemZzzs, place it on the mask.

                                    Step 2:
                                    Bring the mask up to your face and tighten your straps.

                                    Step 3:
                                    Get the best sleep of your life.

                                      This often leads to amazing conditions such as:
                                      • Much higher energy through the day
                                      • Healthier habits
                                      • More focus on daily tasks
                                      • Higher satisfaction on almost everything
                                      You really don't have anything to lose.

                                      Like I mentioned above, your 100% satisfaction is our highest goal.

                                      But beyond that, I already know that you are the kind of person that likes to take action.

                                      I know this because you've stuck with me this far, and I know that you'll take the next step to better your life in ways that you can't even begin to imagine right now.

                                      Honestly, the thing that I'm most excited about is hearing your testimonial once you've got the chance to use RemZzzs.

                                      I'm so confident that it will help you, and I'm truly excited that you found your way to this page.

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                                        Wishing you good sleep,
                                        Bob Rutan
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