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All Things RemZzzs
Design & Use
  Can I wear RemZzzs® for more than one night? Since RemZzzs® is designed to absorb oil & moisture from your face, we recommend one fresh facial liner per night (no more than 12 hrs use) for maximum effectiveness and comfort.

Am I able to wear face cream to bed while using a RemZzzs®Liner? YES! Actually we encourage the use of a cream or lotion on one’s face before putting on your mask, with a RemZzzs® in place. It will aid in keeping the liner in place, as well as promote healthier facial skin. The face cream will not interfere with the mask’s silicone cushion, since the liner is a barrier between your face & the mask.

Can I wash and dry RemZzzs®? Attempting to wash or dry will shrink & curl RemZzzs®, diminishing its absorption qualities and eliminating its effectiveness.

What if I wrinkle my facial liners? Can I iron RemZzzs®? Applying heat from an iron will flatten the fibers and diminish its absorption abilities. If you have trouble with wrinkling, do your best to position the liner as flat as possible on the mask cushion. Once you fasten the mask in place, the liner should smooth out. If you’ve already fastened the mask in place and wrinkling is still a concern, adjusting RemZzzs® by pulling on the protruding edges may decrease wrinkling as well.

After I’ve fastened RemZzzs® in place, the edges curl. Is this ok? RemZzzs® are very delicate and it’s very common for the edges to curl. Curling does not affect performance.

The liner seems kind of wide. Is it supposed to stick out around the edges of my mask? Definitely. In order to offer the highest comfort, RemZzzs® will extend about a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch beyond your mask cushion’s edge. These edges also help to adjust RemZzzs® once your mask has been fastened in place.

The oval-shaped center hole looks pretty small, shouldn’t it be bigger? It’s actually like that on purpose. RemZzzs® is designed to stretch around your nose and mouth in order to provide a custom fit. Once you position your face into the liner (while it lays on top of your mask) and fasten the straps into place, you can adjust RemZzzs® by pulling outward on the protruding edges. We don’t recommend cutting the center hole to make it larger.

What is the extra rectangular liner for? That’s a RemZzzs® forehead liner. If your mask has a forehead cushion, follow the instructions for how to use appropriately. If your mask does not have a forehead cushion you probably won’t need to use it. Each 30-Day Kit includes (2) forehead liners. Each 6-Day Sample contains (1) forehead liner. Since the forehead liner does not stretch to custom fit your face, or absorb moisture from inside the mask, it can be used for fifteen days each. You may use all sides of the forehead liner by simply turning it over or refolding. If you would like to custom-order additional forehead liners, please call 877-473-6999. We offer a pack of (50) for $24.95.
  What if I can’t afford RemZzzs®? Please let us know if you can't afford RemZzzs and we may be able to help. You may also want to know that we are currently in the reconsideration phase for our Medicare codes. Currently our HCPCS code is "A9270 non-covered item". We will notify our customers if and when our HCPCS codes A7031/A7032 are once again active. If you have further questions about this, please call 877-473-6999 to speak with a customer service representative.

What does “RemZzzs” mean? RemZzzs® is a word that we created to help illustrate the concept of what our product does for people. The first part “Rem” refers to the R.E.M. cycle of our sleep. This is an important part of sleep where dreaming occurs (Rapid Eye Movement) and is very strategic to the healing processes of our bodies. The second part “Zzzs” is a cultural abbreviation for “sleep”. When you put those two together, you get a product that will revolutionize the way you sleep with your CPAP mask. Go ahead, let yourself dream again!

Will RemZzzs® still work if I have facial hair? Yes, absolutely! In our studies, beards or mustaches do not seem to interfere with the effectiveness of RemZzzs
®. And since it’s possible that St. Nicholas himself has OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), RemZzzs® might just save Christmas!

I have a large scar on my face and the silicone irritates my skin. Can RemZzzs help this problem? In fact, it really does help! RemZzzs® conforms to the contours of your face, filling in imperfections, blemishes, and scars while also protecting your skin from irritation. It’s very comfortable!

Does RemZzzs® actually decrease air from leaking? Yes!! Studies and patient reports show that RemZzzs® significantly reduces air leaks, allowing more consistent pressure. Best of all, you won’t be waking up anymore from those rapid “squealing balloon” air leaks! Please note: If your mask cushion is 3-6 months old, some customers have experienced an increase in air leaking around the eyes. By replacing the worn out cushion, this problem should be eliminated. Be sure to read some of the Real Stories folks have shared with us.

Why didn’t I know about RemZzzs® before? For nearly three years we’ve been testing RemZzzs® with a select number of CPAP users. Because we’ve had such unbelievable success, we are pleased to now make RemZzzs® available for everyone!

What is RemZzzs® made of? RemZzzs® is a special blend of 100% naturally absorbent cotton fibers, made specifically for this product. (You wouldn’t ask Colonel Sanders for his secret recipe, would you?)

Ok, really… why does RemZzzs® work so well? Lots of reasons; comfort, absorbency, facial skin protection, to name a few. But don't take our word for it...you’ll have to experience the amazing benefits for yourself!
Inside The Box
  What do I get when I buy RemZzzs®? That depends on whether you buy a Sample or a Kit. Please read the next item for the difference between the two.

What is the difference between a Sample and a Kit? Our Sample includes a convenient 6-day supply of RemZzzs®, with (6) 1-ply facial liners and (1) 2-ply forehead liner (when folded). A Kit contains (30) 1-ply facial liners and (2) 2-ply forehead liners (when folded). Samples are a great way to try RemZzzs® before coming back to order a month’s supply.
Shipping & Returns
  Where do you ship? We currently ship throughout the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and anywhere USPS or UPS International mail will travel! We are also happy to announce that we now have a European Distributor located in the UK, Intus Healthcare, and MCS (Melbourne CPAP Services) in Melbourne, AU. We strongly urge all EU and AU & NZ customers to order by clicking on the appropriate links located on the BUY NOW page. You will save time & shipping/tariff costs by ordering locally. If you live in a country not mentioned, please contact us.

How long will it take to get my order? At the moment, please allow 1-3 days for all orders to be processed and shipped from our warehouse. After your order leaves the facility, it will follow the published USPS or UPS shipping time lines. It’s our goal to get RemZzzs® to you as quickly as possible, and an order confirmation will be sent to you via email immediately upon placing your order, and another email when it ships.

What is your Return and Guarantee Policy? Please contact us if your product arrives in a damaged condition, you receive the wrong item, or if you have a special circumstance that makes it impossible for you to enjoy the many sleep-enhancing benefits of RemZzzs®. Generally, we only accept returns if the product has been unopened. However, we are 100% committed to your satisfaction, so send us an email to explain your unique situation, and we will make it right.

What if I ordered the wrong size? You may exchange RemZzzs® for the correct size, as long as your shipment is unopened, in its original box and has never been used. If you need to exchange sizes, please email exchange@RemZzzs.com. Many times we are able to change an order before shipping if you contact us asap!

How big is the box RemZzzs® ships in? It measures 6″ × 6″ × 1″. Samples will arrive in a padded mailer.
Size & Fitting
  How do I know which Mask Model I have? Every CPAP mask is different, however, it is usually common to find the company name (such as ResMed, Respironics, or Fisher Paykel) on the bridge of the mask. Additionally, the specific mask model (such as Ultra Mirage®, ComfortGell™, or FlexiFit™431) can usually be found on the front or side of the mask. If you are still having trouble locating your specific mask model information, we suggest asking the Sleep Lab or DME company that supplied you with your mask.

What size should I choose? We offer sizes Small, Medium, and Large in each of the most common Full Face and Nasal CPAP masks on the market. Each of our liner patterns are designed to follow the contour and shape/size of the mask it is compatible with. To find your specific mask model, click here and look in the drop down menu.

What if I don’t see my Mask Model in the “Order Now” section? Currently, we support the most common Full Face and Nasal CPAP masks on the market, and we are constantly working to develop liners for new mask types and models. If you don’t see yours listed, we’d love to hear from you! Actually, some of our RemZzzs® are compatible with mask styles not shown in our drop down menu of mask types. Please contact us about your specific needs.