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Naturs Design Inc.

Let Yourself Dream Again...

We're not like those big medical companies.

Actually, we’re a family company from southern Michigan. Like many families we are now spread out all over the country, but we’re working hard to stay in touch, and more importantly, to provide RemZzzs for those that desperately need a good night’s sleep! We are truly so blessed to be able to offer a product that helps transform the way people live their lives! Let me share the story of how this wonderful product was born…

After struggling for several years with the effects caused by a lack of sleep, my wife was finally diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). For any of you also suffering from Sleep Apnea, you probably already know that the sleep study was the easy part. On the other hand, the ability to wear your mask comfortably, keep it on all night, and actually get some sleep is a completely different story! Aside from the fact that my wife’s face would get hot and sweaty, her mask continually lost its seal. To make matters worse, for the rest of the night we were frequently awakened by a sound similar to a “squealing balloon” as her mask leaked air. “How can we keep living like this?” we asked ourselves.

The main solutions offered were “Try removing any lotion from your face,” or “You may need to tighten your mask,” or “Try a different mask.” Sound familiar? We tried, and tried, and it just didn’t work. Nothing worked. Each morning my wife would have puffy eyes, deep pressure marks on her face, and she was more tired and discouraged than ever! After months of battling with the fit of her CPAP mask she was about to give up.

Being a family of faith, we began to pray. One night, desperate for an answer, I believe God gave me an idea that came like a gift in the middle of the night! I jumped out of bed and fashioned together a rough prototype. At first, because of its simplicity and humble appearance, it was difficult for my wife to believe that this thing could actually work. After all, if all the doctors and engineers over the last two decades haven’t found a solution, how could I? However, a couple of restless nights later and she was ready to try anything! She couldn’t believe what happened next… she actually slept! Every night…ALL night! And guess what? Because she was sleeping, I was sleeping too.

That was more than seven years ago now, and since then many more people have used this incredible product with amazing success. We sincerely believe that you too will find the answer you’ve been looking for by using RemZzzs. Go ahead, let yourself dream again!