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CPAP Patients
Information for CPAP patients.

What are RemZzzs?

We’re so excited to share the amazing benefits of RemZzzs™ with you. For starters, you’d probably just like to know what it is, right? Well, it’s not another mask. RemZzzs™ is an accessory to your mask, made from a special blend of naturally absorbent fibers that are designed to help absorb facial oil and moisture. Why is this so important?

Up until now, engineers and sleep professionals have been trying to solve the age old problem that occurs when silicone comes in contact with the human face—perspiration. When we sweat, a mask’s silicone cushion tends to lose its seal. This increased moisture usually results in a loss of air pressure, setting off an entire chain of events that can end with scenarios like: burping and squealing noises from air leaks, constantly re-adjusting your mask, red marks and skin irritation, never really getting a good nights’ rest, or eventually just throwing your mask on the floor!

We Understand.

If you’ve suffered for any period of time with Sleep Apnea, you may have given up all hope. We know what that’s like. RemZzzs™ was actually born in the middle of the night as a husband from the Midwest desperately wanted to find an answer to his wife’s exhausting struggle while wearing her CPAP mask. When you’re done here, be sure to check out our inspirational story. Because we’ve suffered with the effects of Sleep Apnea ourselves, we know how difficult it can be! RemZzzs™ delivers real answers to real problems. We feel so humbled and amazed that we’ve been given the opportunity to share this incredible product with so many struggling individuals.

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All in all, when you use RemZzzs™ you will experience a more comfortable, full night of sleep; enabling your CPAP therapy mask to accomplish what it was meant to… improving your health. Recent research shows that CPAP therapy really can make a life or death difference for those who have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Don’t just let your mask sit on the floor any longer… Go ahead, let yourself dream again!